MOSART - Montreal Software Analysis Research Talks                                          


14 May, 2007

pdf.png Ptidej (UdeM).pdf
pdf.png Rilling (Concordia).pdf
pdf.png SOCCER (Polymtl).pdf
pdf.png SWEVO (McGill).pdf
pdf.png VERSO (UdeM).pdf
pdf.png Witte (Concordia).pdf

10 Oct, 2007

pdf.png MoSART Outline.pdf
pdf.png Benedicte Kenmei - Ecole Polytechnique.pdf
pdf.png Ekwa Duala-Ekoko - McGill.pdf
pdf.png Kamel Ayari - Ecole Polytechnique.pdf
pdf.png Karim Dhambri and Guillaume Langelier - University of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png Maryam Shiri - Concordia University.pdf
pdf.png Naouel Moha - University of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png Simon Denier - University of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png Stephane Vaucher - University of Montreal.pdf

19 Jun, 2008

pdf.png MoSART.pdf
pdf.png Barthelemy Dagenais - McGill University.pdf
pdf.png Filippo Ricca - Controlled Experiemnts in SE.pdf
pdf.png Foutse Khomh - U. of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png Marouanne Kessentini - U. of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png May Haydar - U. of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png Simon Denier - U. of Montreal.pdf
pdf.png Yasaman Molazadeh - Concordia U.pdf
pdf.png Zeina Awedikian - Polymtl.pdf

16 Jan, 2009

pdf.png Schedule.pdf
pdf.png Awedikian - EPM - Integrating Data and Control Dependencies for MC-DC Evolutionary Testing.pdf
pdf.png Gueheneuc - EPM - Presentation of the Ptidej Team.pdf
pdf.png Lemoine - EPM - Software Transformations.pdf
pdf.png Rilling - ConcordiaU - Presentation of Ambient Software Engineering Group.pdf
pdf.png Robillard - McGill - Software Evolution Research Group.pdf
pdf.png Sahraoui - UdeM - Presentation of the GEODES Group.pdf
pdf.png Schugerl - ConcordiaU - Mining Bug Repositories for Textual Quality.pdf
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